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04-15-14 Zogenix Announces Ruling Preventing the Implementation of Massachusetts Governor's Order that Blocked Access to Zohydro™ ER
04-11-14 Let's Get the Facts Straight About Zohydro™ ER--and the Important Patient Need It Fills
04-08-14 Zogenix Update on Legal Action


FDA, HHS Reaffirm Support for Chronic Pain Patients Amid Zohydro ER Debate

Let's Get the Facts Straight About Zohydro ER

Massachusetts Denies Patients a Legitimate Option for Severe Chronic Pain

A message from the CEO of Zogenix to our stakeholders

  DosePro is a first-in-class, easy-to-use drug delivery system designed for self-administration of a pre-filled, single dose of liquid drug, subcutaneously, without a needle. DosePro offers benefits to patients including instant, easy dosing, less anxiety over self-injection, no need for sharps disposal, no risk of needle stick injury or contamination, and reliable performance.