Expanded Access Program

Zogenix is committed to developing safe and effective therapies for patients with rare CNS conditions that have limited treatment options.

We understand that patients and families are interested in the availability of our investigational therapy, ZX008 (low-dose fenfluramine hydrochloride) through early access programs. At this stage of clinical development, we believe the best way to help the greatest number of patients is to remain focused on completing our clinical trials to support the earliest possible regulatory approval for ZX008 in intractable epilepsies. Families may consult this website to determine if that status changes in the future. Should we initiate such a program, we will make efforts to alert the epilepsy community and patient groups to the new status.

Should patients, families, or physicians have further questions or require additional information about our clinical trials and development program, please contact our Medical Information department by email at medinfo@zogenix.com or in the United States toll free at 1-866-ZOGENIX, option 1.